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Our Story

Two cousins. Two Nicks. Two of the same dream. To one day have a food company serving great tasting food and contribute something positive to people’s lives…

Fast forward 40 years and we were on different paths. Nick K was about to retire from 40+ years with Wendys and Nick M is in his fifth year owning and operating his sandwhich shop and café. In walks a friend, Steve, to Nick M’s place. Steve happens to be one of the foremost experts on nutrition and specifically the Paleo Diet. Steve has been bothering Nick M for 4 years to sell some healthier options. Nick tells him after his dads passing he is getting tired of the Place and he might close. Providence! Steve proceeds to tell Nick about his dream and Nick knows he just heard something he’s been waiting to hear his whole life. He immediately calls Nick K and tells him about the idea... And BAM!

Our mission – Provide the absolute healthiest, cleanest and most convenient meals possible. Period.

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