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Tampa Bay Locals

Where can I purchase in person?

We have dozens of partners in the Tampa Bay Area. You can refer to our partners link on the main page.

Do I need to be a member anywhere to purchase?

All of our partners are open to the public. Some are gyms that might not have operational hours in the middle of the day and some are retail outlets that might not be open in the evening. But they are all open to serve you.

Is there a minimum or do you force people to buy plans?

There is no minimum at any of our partner locations and the meals are sold Ala Carte. So just grab the ones you want to try and enjoy.


How do I order?

Unlike most meal companies we do not require you to join a plan or obligate you to order weekly. Just choose from our menu each time the specific meals you would like and we ship them straight to you.

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the continental US.

How long after I order will I receiver my meals?

There is a 2 day processing time and usually a 2 day travel time. So you will receive your order between 4-5 business days.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is included with all qualifying orders.

If I'm in a hurry can I get them next day?

Emgerncy orders will get processed by the next day and we can ship next day air. So you will receive them 2 days later. If you need overnight services we can try to fulfill the order if you call us directly before 1pm. 727-935-1004

Can I get my meals shipped to a hotel or business?

Yes and Yes

What is the minimum size order for shipping?

You can order whatever you like however to minimize cooler waste we have partnered with UPS and created the most efficient and cost effective shipping partnership. Since shipping cost is included in all orders we only require a purchase of 28 breakfast or 20 entrees items of your choice.

Do the meals stay frozen?

Yes. We ship all orders with a bag of dry ice. I usually the ice dissipates and you can Just throw out the bag. However if dry ice remains please use a glove to remove the remaining ice and place outside for a few hours to allow it to finish dissipating.

What else should I know before I receive my order?

The cooler is 1 1/2 inches thick an is shipped in a white box fitted to minimize wasted space. Also the meals are packed to endure the least amount of empty space in the cooler. Even if the box is damaged the meals are usually just fine so please inspect prior to refusing the order.


How are your meals different from most other companies?

We at CLEAN CONSCIENCE FOODS decided from day one we wanted to be the elite health food provider in the market. If an organic or clean option is available we use it. Our Meats are either grass fed/finished, free range or organic. Also our vegetables and spices are always organic when possible. And last but not least, all of our meals are flash frozen in our facility immediate after cooking so guarantee freshness and quality.

Why is frozen better?

Most people don't know but all cooked food starts to deteriorate in nutritional quality as soon as the cooking process is finished. By using blast freezers, we are able to lock in the nutrition as well as the flavor so you get the benefits as if you just cooked it yourself.

Are your meals gluten free?

Yes are meals are gluten free but please feel free to contact us if you have a severe case of Siliacs or any other health issue.

I eat dairy sometimes, is there dairy in your meals?

No. We ascribe to a Paleo and Organic cooking plan free of additives and processed foods.

Beside blast freezing do you use other preservatives or preservation methods?

No. By using specially designed blast freezers that can reach 40 below we are able to provide a fresh nutritious meals right to your door.

I am on a low salt diet, how much sodium is in your meals?

Very little. Our chefs use combinations of healthy spices like cinnamon and cumin to make our meals tastes great and minimize the need for salt. What little salt we do use is only nutrient rich pink Himalayan salt.

What is the portion size of your meals?

Our entrees range from 12-16 ounces and between 275 and 425 calories.

Is there breakfast, lunch and dinner choices?

Yes. We have a variety of flavors in our protein pancakes and great breakfast selections. And our entrees are great for lunch or dinner.

If I don't eat my meals right away what is the optimal length of time to keep it in my freezer?

We believe the optimal time for a meal to stay frozen before eating is no more than 3 months.

Can I make changes to any of the meals?

Unfortunately not because all of our recipes are designed to provide a even balance of taste and nutrition. However, specially designed meals can be requested. Please contact 727-935-1004

What is the best way to eat a Clean Conscience meal?

Each meal comes with reheating instructions. You can use a microwave or oven and eat directly from the tray or you can transfer to a saucepan as well.

Since I'm not local, is there any way to just try out a few meals?

Unfortunately shipping is very cost prohibitive when it comes to frozen food but we usually suggest asking a couple friends to chip in and share. This allows each person to select the specific meals they would each like to sample.

How often do you change your menu?

We strive to provide only the cleanest and best tasting options to our customers, and this process takes time, so it can take as much as 4-6 months before a new meal is rolled out.


Are your food trays microwave safe and safe to eat from?

Yes. Our tray and plastic seal are BPA free and microwave and oven safe.

How much do you know about the processors of your ingredients?

We specifically order from suppliers that believe in what we believe. So we travel and source our ingredients from only the highest quality suppliers.

Is your beef really grass fed and finished? How do you know?

We actually have visited and inspected the ranch we order our Grassfed/Grass finished beef and bison. It's called Three Suns Ranch and it's located right here in Florida.


Some of my meals arrived damaged what do I do?

We guarantee all of our food so if a couple meals are damaged we will give you credit on your next order.

Is there a subscription plan?

Yes. You can set up a plan where a case of meals of your choice is shipped weekly or monthly. Or what ever time frame is convenient for you.

I wanted to pre-thaw a meal but I got busy and didn't get a chance to eat it. How long is it good for in the fridge?

We recommended consuming any thawed meals within 3 days.

I am on a tight budget, do you offer any discounts?

We have different discount plan options as well as sponsor/partnership options. Please contact 7279351004

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